How to configure Linksys WRT120W as router?

As we already know router can perform function both router and access point, but access point can only perform function as access point.

Today we're going to show you how to do the setup router product Linksys WRT120W from cisco company, let take a look:

1- Use your Ethernet cable connect to your LAN network

How to configure Linksys WRT120W as router

2- Connect your computer or PC to Linksys Router port

3- Set up static IP address on your PC to, subnet and do the ping request to (successful ping) and remote to Linksys by browser with default IP:

Configure IP address on Linksys Router

4- If you wish to disable wireless SSID you need to go to Wireless

Disable Wireless SSID on Linksys Router WRT120W

5- Go to Status and click on Release IP and then Click on Renew IP to get new IP from your LAN 

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